Master of Arts -Sustainability Science(MASS)


The M.A. (Education) programme aims at producing a team of well-trained individuals knowledgeable in education & its various dimensions.

Eligibility:Bachelor Degree in any discipline from a recognized University.

Medium of Instruction: English

Minimum Duration – 2 years

Maximum Duration – 4 years

Course CodeTitle of the CourseType of CourseCredits
I Year (36 CREDITS)
MSD 11Sustainability ScienceTheory4
MSD 12Ecosystem and Natural ResourcesTheory4
MSD 13Socio-Cultural SystemTheory4
MSD 14Ecological EconomicsTheory4
MSD 15Institutions, Governance and PoliciesTheory4
MSD 16Strategies and models for sustainabilityTheory4
MSD 17Challenges to Sustainable DevelopmentTheory4
MSD 19Global Strategies to Sustainable DevelopmentTheory4
MSD 20Population, Health and SustainabilityTheory4
II Year (36 CREDITS)
MEV 25Climate Change and SocietyTheory4
MSD 21Mountain and Hill EcosystemTheory4
MSD 22Aquatic EcosystemTheory4
MEDS 51Fundamentals of CSRTheory6
MSD 23Social Ecology, Globalisation and SustainabilityTheory4
MEDS 44Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects and ProgrammesTheory6
MSDP 18Project WorkProject8
Total Credits72

Multiple Exit and Lateral Entry:

  • Exit with Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science (PGDSS) degree after successfully

completion of first year.

  • PGDSS holders can take lateral entry in the Second year (as per University norms) to complete Master of Arts in Sustainability Science (MASS).

  *Lateral Entry for PGDSS students: For the lateral entry, the learners registered in PGDSS (both ODL and ONLINE) from July 2017 to July 2022, will have to complete the following three courses in place of 

MSDP 018: Project Work to complete the M.A. in Sustainability Science Programme.

  1.  MSD 19            Global Strategies to Sustainable Development       4 credits
  2. MSD 20 Population, Health and Sustainability          4 credits
  3. MEVE 16 Urban Environment          4 credits