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ICA Education is a sister concern of International Center for Academics (ICA) which has been offering multidisciplinary academic programs in Online and Distance Learning mode since 2002 in affiliation to the World largest University – IGNOU ICA Education also creates a unique opportunity for the students to study and work simultaneously. The programs one can enroll for are relevant to the current job market and trends which enhances the employability of each and every student.


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Open schooling uses open, distance and online methods to scale up access to secondary schooling. It is an effective response to the rapidly increasing demand for secondary education, both as an end itself and as a route to tertiary education. Open Schooling with ICA Education - Provide skills for employment and entrepreneurship - Cost-effective - Flexible in terms of learning pace and academic activities - Access to educational resources - No upper age restrictions

Online learning has been gaining high acclaim because of its distinct approach, that is, the use of one or more technological platforms, as compared to physical teaching-learning pedagogy. In simple terms, online learning is any form of learning which uses software programs to instruct students in content and skills and to facilitate learning in and out of the traditional classroom setting. Online Learning with ICA Education 1. Time Value 2. Flexibility 3. Accessibility 4. Cost Effectiveness

The Doctor of Philosophy, a PhD degree is a globally recognized postgraduate academic degree which is based on extensive research in a field. It is the highest level of academic degree. Earlier, PhD students were traditionally expected to study on campus under close supervision; however, the emerging new trends of learning in Blended mode have opened the door to aspiring learners around the globe who wish to pursue their higher studies as part-time or full time learners. PhD with ICA Education 1. Cost Effective recognized degree 2. To Broaden the career opportunities 3. Multiple branches to choose from 4. Successful Alumni 5. Complete your degree under expert supervisor


Er. Anoj Bhattarai (Phd)

I have earned a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education from Rabindranath Tagore, University , India and I am presently working as a Director (Officer 1st Class-Technical) of Curriculum Development and Equivalence Division of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Nepal. I am very thankful to the ICA Education family for extending their best support throughout my PhD journey.

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Biswajit Mukherjee, Managing Director
Amit Giri, Chief Executive Officer( CEO)
Dr. Rabin Kumar Acharya, Chief of Research Program


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