Master of Arts in Economics- MAEC

MAEC programme aims to develop the abilities of the learners to explain the functioning of the economy and enhance their analytical skills to enable them to get the jobs in the market. It is a semester based program with a total duration of 2 years.

Minimum Duration – 2 years

Maximum Duration – 4 years

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum three years Bachelor Degree from IGNOU recognized University.

Documents Required During Admission

  1. Bachelor’s Transcript
  2. Bachelor’s Provisional / Degree / Convocation Certificate (Any One)
  3. +2 Transcript
  4. SLC Marksheet
  5. Citizenship (If Date of Birth is mentioned in A.D.) or Valid Passport or National Id Card (Any One)
  6. 3 PP size and 2 Auto size Photo

Course structure

Total Course – 13/14

Total Credits – 80

Course CodeTitle of the CourseCredits
1st Semester
MEC 101  Microeconomic Theory and Analysis6
MEC 102  Macroeconomic Theory and Analysis6
MEC 203Quantitative Methods8
2nd Semester
MEC 104  Economics of Growth and Development8
MEC 109  Research Methods in Economics6
MEC 205  Indian Economic Policy 6
3rd Semester
MEC 106  Public Economics6
MEC 107  International Trade and Finance6
MEC 110  Money, Financial Institutions and Markets8
4th Semester
Note: The student may opt any area of specialization out of the four groups A,B,C,D by completing 20 credits from that particular group. The students not willing to have specialization may opt any 20 credit courses out of the four groups. (A,B,C,D)
Group A# Specialization in Data Analytics (Choose any 5)MECE 101Introductory Econometric Methods4
MECE 102Advanced Econometric Methods4
MCS 226Data Science and Big Data (From MCA Programme of IGNOU)4
MCS 224Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (From MCA Programme of IGNOU)4
MGG 011Geographical Information Systems-I (From MA Geography Programme)4
MECP 102Project Work-I4
Total Credits28
#All the courses of this group are available only in English
Group B# Specialization in Energy and Environmental EconomicsMECE 101Introductory Econometric Methods4
MECE 102Advanced Econometric Methods4
MECE 104Economics of Environment and Social Sector6
MECP 101Project Work-II6
Total Credits20
Group C Specialization in Insurance and FinanceMECE 101Introductory Econometric Methods4
MECE 102Advanced Econometric Methods4
MECE 103Actuarial Economics6
MECP 101Project Work-II6
Total Credits20
Group D Specialization in Social PolicyMECE 101Introductory Econometric Methods4
MGPE 6Gandhi’s Economic Thoughts4
MWG 011Women in the Economy8
MGSE 009Gender issues in Work, employment and productivity4
MECP 102Project Work4
MGGL 004Geo Special Analysis (From MA Geography Programme)4
Total Credits28


The examination is conducted physically by IGNOU in Nepal under the direct supervision of “The Embassy of India” in Kathmandu and Biratnagar.


The evaluation system of IGNOU is based upon ‘Assignment’ , ‘Term End Examination’ and ‘Project Work’ (if opted).

  • Assignment – 30%
  • Term End Examination – 70%
  • Project Work – 100%