What is BOSSE?

BOSSE (Board of Open Schooling & Skill Education), is an Open School Board to cater to the varied academic needs of students up to pre degree level. It offers school education along with skill and vocational education. It was passed on 21-09-2020 by the Sikkim Legislative Assembly under Act No. 14 of 2020.

Why choose BOSSE?

Flexibility in subject choice and examination, engaging and interesting study curriculum in Hindi, English and regional languages, transfer of credits up to four subjects, high-quality academic and employment-oriented programmes, and education at an affordable fee – all these make BOSSE a model open schooling board in India.

How to take admission in BOSSE?

Admission to BOSSE is hassle-free, seamless and secure; interested candidates are required to fill the registration form, along with the requisite fee, with the required documents to take admission in BOSSE. This can be done by visiting at the nearest admission center.

Who can take admission in BOSSE?

Anyone interested in up scaling his/her qualifications at Secondary/Sr. Secondary level can take admission in BOSSE programs to obtain academic and skill-oriented vocational education.

Is there an age limit to join BOSSE programs?

There is no upper age limit for admission. However, the minimum age for enrollment is 14 years for Secondary level programmes and 16 years for Sr. Secondary school programmes.

What are the eligibility criteria for admission to secondary and senior secondary level programme at BOSSE?

Any person who has completed 14 years of age can apply for admission to the secondary programme, even if he/she has not undergone any formal education earlier. He/she will have to submit a valid proof of age as well as a certificate to the effect that he/she can read and understand the study materials as well as write an examination.

A person who has passed class ten and for the purpose of certification of Senior Secondary program, a gap of two years from the year of passing the secondary examination is mandatory.

When are the admission sessions?

Admission to Secondary and Sr. Secondary Programmes will be open round the year in two blocks (Block-1 from 1st September to 28/29th February), (Block-2 from 1st March to 31th August)

When are the examination conducted?

Students who take admission in Block-1 can appear for the examination in April-May of next year and Block-2 can appear for examinations in October-November of same year.

What will happen if students fail to pass in any examination?

Candidates, who fail to pass in any examination, can appear in the subsequent examinations conducted every six months. They can avail 9 chances in 5 years to pass all the 5 subjects and qualify for the certificate. Learners have to appear for all the subjects opted for the first chance. Thereafter they can appear for one subject or more in subsequent chances.

What are the required documents for admission in Secondary Level?

Learners who seek admission in BOSSE for Secondary / Sr. Secondary education are required to submit original scanned copies of documents mentioned below, while registering for admission.

  • Valid Identity Proof (Adhaar Card / Passport / Ration Card/ PAN Card)
  • Valid Proof of Date of Birth (Passport/ School Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate/ Adhaar Card on which DOB is mentioned)
  • Valid Proof of Residence
  • Proof of completing 14 years of age for Secondary Programme
  • Secondary/Class X Certificate in case of Senior Secondary Programme.
  • Self-attested copy of Caste Certificate in case of SC/ST/OBC
  • Disability Certificate (In case a leaner has any kind of disability)

What are the mediums of studies available in BOSSE?

At the moment, BOSSE offers secondary and senior secondary level programmes in Hindi, English and Nepali medium.

Can a learner take vocational subjects along with academic courses at secondary and the senior secondary level?

Yes, to make BOSSE courses more meaningful, vocational courses are offered independently or in combination with academic subjects at the secondary and the senior secondary level. It is encouraged to students to offer at least one vocational subject.

Can a learner change a subject or take additional subjects?

Candidates can change their subjects after taking admission and appearing in at least one examination.

What are the pass certification criteria for Secondary and Senior Secondary level programme?

In order to pass, one has to obtain 33% marks in aggregate of 5 subjects as well as a minimum of 33% marks (separately in theory and practical) in individual subjects. Theory also includes marks in internal assessment or CA (continuous assessment) with 20% weightage.

Candidates have to pass in five subjects including at least one language. If a candidate has opted for one or 2 additional subjects, then one language and the best four out of the remaining subjects will be considered.   

What is the duration of the result declaration and award of certificate?

Results of secondary and senior secondary programmes are declared and certificates are issued within 6 to 8 weeks after the examination ends.

What is the procedure of verification?

The copies of required documents must be e-mailed at for verification.

How is credit accumulated?

The learner has the option to appear in one or more subjects in an examination and earn credits which will be accumulated till all the five subjects required for certification are successfully completed within a period of 5 years of registration. 

Is change of subject allowed?

Yes, candidates can change their subject after taking admission and appearing in at least one examination.